Empowering Audiences with an Inspired Blend of Story and Song

Personal development, leadership and engagement expert, Nanette Geiger, inspires audiences with high impact content, story and song. All programs are uniquely tailored to meet the specific needs of your audience.

These dynamic and often life changing presentations motivate your audience to reach beyond their current limits. Nanette creates the perfect blend of edutainment that informs, empowers and inspires. Being a transformation leader and classically trained performer, Nanette leaves her audiences on a high note, revitalized and refocused on achieving their personal and organizational goals and visions.

Presentation Topics Include:

Professional Development * Relationship Building * Leadership Development
* Employee Engagement * Communicating Powerfully * Goal Achievement
Building a Motivation Mindset * Team Building * Motivating Volunteers
Engage Your Board * Membership Retention and Growth


Sample Keynotes to Choose From…

Motivation Mindset Mastery for Managers

Do your teams suffer from a quick-fix mindset? Do they need an infusion of energy, creativity, competency? As managers, you’re charge with finding solutions to dis-engaged employees. That’s a heavy load to bear.

What would be possible in the workplace if:

  • You had a cohesive culture working together?
  • Your teams were forging ahead with a shared vision?
  • Your team was engaged and playing full out?
  • Your people were competent, clear communicators ?
  • Your supervisors were forging strong, self-motivating teams?

In this Keynote audiences will learn:

  • Why you must reinvent from within to model and manage change successfully.
  • How to recognize opportunities for a mindset motivation shift.
  • Why crafting and leading from a compelling vision is crucial.
  • Why an improved mindset requires commitment.
  • How personal initiative powerfully stand the test of time in these fast changing times.
  • How mastering a motivation mindset is contagious and how to “infect” others.
  • How mastering a motivation mindset strengthens business and personal relationships.
  • And much more!

Get ready to be taken for a ride of epic proportions, through the power of dramatic stories that have audiences laughing and crying. Nanette uses a rare combination of substance, story and song to make sure her teaching points stick!

Engagement – Mindset Mastery in the Workplace

Is employee turnover costing your company too much? There are recruitment and training costs. All those costs for new hires and then to lose them a few months down the road can impact morale and kill productivity. Most companies have their head in the sand when it comes to their own turnover costs.

  • Do you know how much employee turnover is REALLY costing you?
  • Do you know why you have a turnover problem?
  • Do you find the talent pool is hard to work with or resistant to change?

Even in traditionally ‘high turnover’ industries, employee engagement programs are known to reduce the tremendous cost of turnover.

In this presentation Nanette Geiger will show you exactly how you can inspire your teams to raise the bar and become more engaged in the workplace. Learn how your company can be known as ‘the place’ to work.

In this Keynote audiences will learn:

  • How to uncover the drives of even the most reluctant employee
  • How to promote loyalty even after the end of the shift
  • Why mentoring from a ‘pull’ mindset is the magic key to performance
  • Why engagement and appreciation has more staying power than salary
  • Effective engagement strategies that are easy to use and don’t cost a dime
  • How to discovering what matters most to your talent
  • How to create the culture of engage mindset mastery in the workplace
  • How to entice your teams to be self-engaging and self-motivating

Imagine never having to work with disengaged teams and an uninspired workforce.

Imagine never again being under pressure to fill seats with the wrong bodies.

Imagine having team members who choose to go the extra mile.

The tactics and strategies you’ll learn will enable you to transform your turnover, transform your teams and translate it all into bottom line results.

Success Mindset Mastery Strategies How to Master the Game of Life

Does life sometimes seem like anything but a game?

What ever happened to feeling excited about new ventures?

Does it seem like change keeps taking a chunk out of your hopes and dreams?

What came to us so naturally in our early years seems to be a very remote past. The sheer discovery in every new day and joyous expectation was commonplace for all of us at one time. Where did that exuberance go? How can you recapture a piece of it?

Nanette Geiger is ready to join forces with you and help you explore answers to these questions and more.

In this interactive Keynote, audiences will learn:

  • How to rekindle your personal fire by going back to basics
  • How to easily transform what’s not working into fresh new possibility
  • Why you must reinvent and reinvest in yourself to master your success mindset
  • How to quickly improve your success mindset and boost your commitment now
  • How mastering your mindset strengthens business and personal relationships.
  • Why mastering your mindset literally makes you more youthful and attractive

Get ready to enjoy the ride on a journey to a more enjoyable life with the power of story and song. Audiences will be laughing and crying as Nanette shares a rare combination of substance, story and song to make sure her powerful takeaway teaching points stick!