Wireless Lavaliere Microphone

Please have a lavaliere Microphone with fresh batteries available. If possible, have a handheld microphone available for back up.

Platform Riser

For audiences of 50 or more, Nanette prefers to have a 2 – 3-foot riser on the stage.

Seating Preference

Nanette prefers theater or classroom style seating. If you can’t have theater style seating, U or V shape style is fine.

Sound Check

Nanette typically arrives to the meeting room one hour before the presentation for A/V check. It is requested that someone be present during the first 5 minutes of the presentation to double check that things are working properly.

Things You Should Consider:

  1. Depending on the venue, having your own sound system is much better than the house system. You will get better sound quality. When it comes to having a highly successful meeting, everything counts. Yes, even the quality of sound counts. It’s the little things that make a big difference.
  2. Make sure that the stage and the audience are well lit. Proper lighting conveys energy and a positive mood.
  3. Use a dark background. It will eliminate distractions and help the speaker stand out. As a result, audiences tend to pay more attention and listen better.
  4. Do not put too wide of a gap between the speaker and the audience. That tends to diminish the speaker’s ability to really connect with the audience. We suggest that you keep the distance within 4 to 7 feet.
  5. Standing room is better than empty chairs. It raises the energy level. It is best to have enough seats for your expected attendance than to have rows of chairs empty. Think of it this way, you want people to walk away saying “the room was packed with standing room only.” That is much better than “attendance was low.”

If you have any questions, please contact us or to email us at support@turnovertransformer.com